Friday, November 10, 2006

Everybody calm down about this German thing.

"MM The Great" explains why this lawsuit is a bunch of hooey.

The German government isn't filing the lawsuit. It's 11 Iraqis and a Saudi who went court-shopping and filed in Germany because the country "provides 'universal jurisdiction' allowing for the prosecution of war crimes and related offenses that take place anywhere in the world." A previous lawsuit was filed on similar grounds and was dismissed. Yes, Germany has its share of weasels. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn't one of them and outrage at the country is premature. Calls to close our bases in Germany over this hyped news story are, with all due respect, silly.

The lawsuit hasn't even been filed yet. The Time blurb is a Friday afternoon freebie press release for the left-wing Center for Constitutional Rights--milking Rumsfeld's resignation for all the publicity they can get.

And as much as I respect Drudge, I take exception to his "Scare"

Come On!
The German Government is not "bringing charges".
The German People are not "bringing charges".
NOBODY is "bringing charges".

It's a bunch of fruitcakes filing a suit, not bringing any kind of criminal charges.

Relax everybody... and you know who you are.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Speaker Pelosi may not be a bad thing for the GOP in the long run.

I know it will be hard to swallow at first, but consider:

- If the GOP had narrowly retained control, they would have had to perform miracles in the next two years to have any chance to regain control in 2008.
- Better to have a turning of the tide in an off-year than having a presidential nominee get swept up in an anti Republican tide.
- By having Speaker Nan in charge for the next two years it will be quite clear what Democrat leadership looks like and no one will want this in the White House... will they?

My mantra for the next 24 months: If you like Speaker Nan, You'll LOVE President Hill!

Oh, Of course!

The very last precinct puts Webb over the top... by 2/100ths.

VA SEN [100% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,140,879 49.42%
D- WEBB 1,143,144 49.44%

No fishy business there...

OK... ready for the re-count boys!


OK... I'll be able to deal with a re-count. As long as I never have to hear "Hanging Chad"!

VA SEN [99.10% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,139,550 49.43%
D- WEBB 1,137,793 49.36%


VA SEN [97.22% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,112,116 49.57%
D- WEBB 1,104,413 49.23%


VA SEN [95.13% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,089,011 49.67%
D- WEBB 1,077,159 49.13%


VA SEN [92.84% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,061,336 49.89%
D- WEBB 1,040,524 48.91%

President Bush's judicial nominations ride on these few decimals!

Could we call this one now please!!!!

VA SEN [90.14% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,025,262 50.05%
D- WEBB 998,701 48.75%

Hugh Hewitt with big news!!!

Hugh Hewitt's sources have told him the GOP will hold on to the house by 3 seats (assuming West coast seats stay put).

This is huge news! But it also sounds a little like he is going out of his way to keep the vote up in California.

Either way I like what I hear!

Run out the clock George!

VA SEN [85.14% IN]
ALLEN 954,916 49.61%
WEBB 946,922 49.19%

Congratulations Sen. Lieberman...

Now be a mensch and switch parties. Want have the Dems done for you??? The GOP has been more loyal to you than they have!

Now I'm going NUTS!

VA SEN [83.91% IN]
ALLEN 941,260 49.60%
WEBB 933,605 49.20%


I've got your "Macaca" right here!

VA SEN [72.00% IN]
ALLEN 799,526 50.40%
WEBB 767,945 48.40%

Michael Steele... sleeper pick of the night.

Use this link to keep an eye on Maryland.
WE LOVE MICHAEL STEELE. If Michael Steele wins, it will actually soften the blow of losing Sen. Santorum quite a bit.

Sen. Allen hanging on....

As of 9 PM EST:

VA SEN [66.27% IN]
ALLEN 739,086 50.35%
WEBB 711,059 48.44%

Hang in there George!!!

The fact that he's over 50% is huge because there is a Green party candidate getting a few votes. He could have won with a 49% plurality but being over 50% with 2/3 of the vote in is EXTREMELY encouraging!

(I sure hope I don't look like a moron tomorrow morning)

Senator Santorum... please don't leave us.

You may have lost this election, but I dare say you are more popular in other parts of the nation then you are in that flaky, ungrateful state you've worked so hard to represent.

Please consider a national run. Our country needs you.

By the way... where in the heck has Arlen Spector been??? Remember how Sen. Santorum loyally stood by Spector when he faced a very tough primary bid two years ago? Don't we think Spector's support of Santorum could have made SOME difference in this campaign? Yet I never heard a peep from the good Senator. Anyone seen Arlen around??

Updates.... Good News is found in the Bad News

According to Hugh Hewitt Ohio has gone to the Dems. This was not unexpected... the good news is it is looking MUCH closer than any of the polls suggested. If this is indicitive of faulty polls across the board, then all of those "too close to call" races (MD, VA, MO, MT) should be safe seats for the GOP.

As for the OC Chronicle staff, we cast our sure-win votes for Rep. Miller (unopposed)and Gov. Arnold (virtually un-opposed). But our real thrill was voting for Tom McClintock for Lt. Gov. and AGAINST Jerry Brown for Att. Gen. How great would it be for the Golden State to start looking a little more red with some diversity in the state-wide seats?

1st good news of the night...

From Drudge: (as of 8:21 EST)


VA SEN [41.14% IN]
ALLEN 453,055 50.60%
WEBB 431,308 48.17%

If this is a "wave" you dudes back east need to come out to Huntington Beach and see some REAL waves!

Wolverines... get to the polls!

PoliPundit has more interesting takes on the polling in Michigan...

Get out there and vote Wolverines!!!


Rove on Michigan...

We have many readers in Michigan. Check-out Karl Rove on the GOP late surge in the Wolverine State: (From yesterday's Hugh Hewitt Show)

And then there’s something odd going on in Michigan. There has been, over the last week, a strong push for the Republicans in Michigan. There’s a pollster named Steve Mitchell, who does polling almost exclusively in Michigan, the Epic Poll, and he called the 2000 Presidential race on the button, he called the 2002 gubernatorial race on the button. He called the 2004 Presidential race on the button. And he’s shown in the last week a dramatic close by the Republican candidates for both governor and Senator. Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos is down only two, and Michael Bouchard down, as I believe, three points in the Senatorial race, which are dramatic cuts in the Democrat lead.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Michigan continues roll toward Hewitt's Buckeyes

As the Trojan's whimper home from Corvallis, OR with teir first loss of the seson to the mighty Beavers of OSU, we all wait with anticipation for the big Michigan/Ohio State game scheduled for November 18th. We all have to prepare for the insufferable Buckeye fans behaving like the Big 10 title is their birth right.

#1 Buckeye Weasel: Hugh Hewitt.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

OC Chronicle heads out for annual retreat.

Our parent company, Innovative Diverse Entertainment Associates, LLC (IDEA)is holding its annual retreat in Palm Desert this week. Topics of discussion include:

1. Expansion of our youth theatre program
2. Creation of our new, LED distribution subsidiary
3. Expansion of our blogging efforts to include multi-media, video blogging, expanded topics, increased contributors and possibly a new location (Townhall???)

We'll be posting from the desert for the next week.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ham Nation Video Blog...

Just discovered Mary Katherine Ham's VideoBlog: Ham Nation.

I've always enjoyed her writing, it's nice to see her flexing her communication muscles... pretty slickly done Ham! "Drums... DRUMS I TELL YOU!"

Stem cell Electioneering

We've all read about or seen the Michael J. Fox campaign ad regarding embryonic stem cell research. He's recently jumped into the hotly contested Maryland senate race where he slams Michael Steele.

Steele's campaign has responded with what must be one of the most brilliant ads I've seen in a long time. Watch it here and then come right back... PROMISE ME!

So... pretty good, right? I'd like to make a point about the Michael J. Fox ad which, I don't think has been made:

Michael J. Fox has accused Michael Steele of wanting to "put limits on the most promising stem cell research." Here, watch it yourself:

Did you catch that? "MOST PROMISING STEM CELL RESEARCH". You know, of course, that Mr. Steele DOES support stem cell research, just not federal funding for EMBRYONIC stem cell research. So, what is Mr. Fox' point when he accuses Mr. Steele of standing in the way of "the most promising stem cell research"? Well, Mr. Fox means EMBRYONIC stem cell research. But, it's curious, he doesn't SAY embryonic, does he? Why not?

You know why not. Because no ordinary American can see Mr. Fox, trembling from his Parkinson's disease, asking for support for the most promising research and feel anything but compassion for him and anger at anyone not willing to pursue "the most promising" research to help find a cure for his disease.

But... what if Mr. Fox said: "Mr. Steele wants to put limits on dissecting five-year-old children, which happens to be the most promising research."???

How about: "Mr. Steele wants to put limits on burning alive furry little kittens, which happens to be the most promising research"???

OK... those are a little extreme... how about: "Mr. Steele would put limits on embryonic stem cell research..."? The fact is, many Americans flinch at that statement, and actually agree with Mr. Steele. And Mr. Fox' disingenuous approach in trying to affect this campaign is a shame and should be noted.

Mr. Steele's response is full of class, dignity and intelligence, and he deserves to be a US Senator.

The Lynn Cheney lie perpetuates...

I was just driving home from the office and heard some guy filling in for Al Rantel on KABC in Los Angeles. He was trying to discuss the Jim Webb book issue (I say trying because, jeez! some of these fill-in radio guys are really not that good... I should give it a try one of these days, seriously) and he threw an off-hand remark like this: "After all, what's the big deal? Lynn Cheney wrote a book that had GRAPHIC LESBIAN SEX SCENES IN IT!"

Oh boy did he have the wrong listener sitting in my car tonight! I immediately called and got on the air with him after the break. I asked him:

"Please, elaborate on the point,"
"What's the name of the book (he couldn't find it)"
"Did you read the graphic passage you are referring to?" (He claimed he read about it in the Washington Post but he had not read any actual passage)

I calmly told him that he is an embarrassment to KABC for just repeating complete unsubstantiated lies that he either picked up from a news source or from a DNC talking point (since this info is on their web site as some kind of excuse and response to the Webb issue).

I also explained that little old me, Joe normal guy, heard about this thing, went to Google, and within 2 minutes had the scene in question right in front of me. WHY COULDN'T HE DO THAT??? Especially before broadcasting this LIE to the LA radio market???


Wolf can't research Dem Talking Points? Dude, google it, will ya?

Welcome Hugh Hewitt listeners/Blog Readers! -While you're here, take a look at my kids... aren't they ADORABLE???

This is the extent of the "Explicit Steamy Lesbian" scene from Lynn Cheney's "Sisters":

The women who embraced in the wagon were Adam and Eve crossing a dark cathedral stage -- no, Eve and Eve, loving one another as they would not be able to once they ate of the fruit and knew themselves as they truly were. She felt curiously moved, curiously envious of them. She had never to this moment thought Eden a particularly attractive paradise, based as it was on naiveté, but she saw that the women in the cart had a passionate, loving intimacy forever closed to her. How strong it made them. What comfort it gave.

It took me all of 2 minutes to find this from a website called "Bella OnLine".

Now if it was that easy for little old me, why couldn't Big Bad Wolf Blitzer do the same before he embarrassed himself in his interview of Mrs. Cheney today?

UPDATE: Here is a link to a pdf which puports to be the full trascript of "Sisters". Given the nature of the webpage referenced above, it is safe to assume that if they could have found a more explicit, lesbian scene, they would have reproduced it.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fake Foley Blogger Found

Turns out the "Blogger" credited with first publicizing the Foley e-mails was a field operative for HRC (Human Rights Campaign) in Michigan. Read Blog P. I. for more.

The genius who uncovered all of this is a blogger himself and is found at Stop October Surprises!!! (Brilliant)

Monday, September 25, 2006

They say the Lord moves in mysterious ways...

This may be one of those times. About ten days ago, out of the blue, I decided to start running as if I were training for a marathon.

Realistically, I would not be capable of running a marathon for at least six - nine months as I have never had any kind of running program as part of my exercise routine... in fact... I've never really had an eercise routine! So I wasn't really sure WHAT I was training for, I just had in my mind that I wanted to be CAPABLE of running a marathon by next June (when I turn 40).

So I started a routine of mileage build-up a described here.

I even started logging my runs around the beautiful hills of La Habra Heights at this website.

So this afternoon, I'm doing a 3-mile run, listening to Hugh Hewitt, and he has two Orange County bloggers talking about the "Red County Half-marathon" in December!

So, I guess now I know what I'm training for! This is perfect... I'm going from a non-runner to a half-marathoner in the next 2 1/2 months!

I'll try to log my progress here as well... Thanks Hugh!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Peggy Fox, prophetic words indeed:

Virginia Tech Magazine Feature: "Fox is not one to get a swelled head about her glamorous job. Sure, she got to wear Princess Diana's $35,000 jeweled dress for a feature a few weeks ago, but 'it's just a job,' she says. 'On television, you're always one word away from getting fired. If you slip and say something stupid on the air, it's all over.'"

Well Peggy, IT'S OVER!

As noted by Dean Barrett in today's Hugh Hewitt Blog:

"One of the panelists, a woman named Peggy Fox, asked Allen, "It has been reported your grandfather Felix, whom you were given your middle name for, was Jewish. Could you please tell us whether your forebears include Jews and, if so, at which point Jewish identity might have ended?"

The crowd booed, and rightly so. Allen responded with angry indignation, again rightly so. And, I must say, he looked good doing so. The problem with a politician as programmed as George Allen is he often appears phony. This question showed the real man, and it was the best I've seen him look during the campaign.

A few quick points of personal analysis. As a Jew, I found Fox's question profoundly offensive. Trust me, the wounded minority card is not one that I play with much frequency. But the attempt to 'tar' Allen as a Jew in a southern state was at the very least disturbing, and I actually consider it sickening. Furthermore, I think asking the question was a hanging offense professionally, and I hope whoever employs Peggy Fox has seen enough of her judgment to deeply ponder severing their relationship with her."

How can this woman keep her job?

Her bio page at the web site for the station she works for, suggests that you "Send Peggy an Email". I suggest you do so as well!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the #1 thing you do not want to see in the sky on the 9/11 anniversary is...

KING5 Seattle News | KING5 Local News:
"Federal Aviation Administration officials in Western Washington said the light was a high-altitude jet that was leaving a contrail behind it. FAA officials say the sun was at just the right angle before sunset to reflect off the jet and create the illusion of smoke and fire. "

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seriously... enough of the Katrina stories! - A year later, recovery in New Orleans not easy - Aug 30, 2006: "After months of rebuilding, Henry and Flora Hamilton's house doesn't look like it was sitting in 7 feet of water a year ago. The same can't be said for most of their neighbors' homes."

Is it me or have we seen more "reports" on CNN on the anniversary of Katrina than we did on the anniversary of 9/11?

About that trade deadline...

In case anyone out there was wondering (and something tells me somebody might have been):

The trade deadline has come and gone, but trades can still be made, though players must clear waivers first. How does the process work? The Globe's Gordon Edes gives us a quick primer on the waivers process:

You're going to hear of many players put on waivers between now and the end of August. If a player clears waivers, that is, doesn't get claimed by any team, he can be traded to any team. If he gets claimed by one team, he can only be traded to the team that claimed him. If he gets claimed by more than one team, he goes to the team with the worst record in his league that claimed him, and can only be traded to that team. If he's claimed by teams in the other league, he goes to the team with the worst record, and can only be traded to that team. Of course, not trading the player remains an option. He can be pulled back from waivers once in August. If he is placed on waivers again before September, he can't be recalled a second time. Or, if a team is just hoping to dump a player's salary, it can simply allow a team that claimed that player to have him for a small waiver fee.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Personal update from O'Connor in the OC

It's been a while since OC Chronicle has had a personal post regarding a family update. Niece Kate (15 now!) was justout for the annual visit and took a heck of a great picture of the clan... so now you know how the munchkins are doing.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Bronx Bombers Battle over Botched Ball

Steve Lombardi has a nice breakdown on the latest drama with the Yankees. Most baseball fans not inclined to root for the Yanks have been waiting patiently for A-Rod and Jeter to come to blows... looks like the wait might soon be over. The Pop-Up:
"In the YES replays, you clearly see Jeter moving his mouth when the pop is in the air. It appears that he's saying 'I got it!' a few times. In the same replays, you never see A-Rod open his mouth, at all.
Rodriguez was clearly planted under the ball. He was in perfect position to catch it. Jeter had to range to his right to get towards the ball. I would offer that Derek had to move around 10 feet, away from his position on the pitch, towards the foul line, to get to where the ball was going to land.
Jeter went behind A-Rod and their gloves bumped as they both reached up for the ball. That appeared to be the only serious contact between the two players. It seemed as if their gloves met just as the ball was going into the pocket of A-Rod's mitt - and that knocked the ball loose.
After this happened, Jeter stood behind A-Rod for about 6 seconds with a stone-cold expression on his face. The only way I can describe the look is to say it's the same type of look that a husband gets from his wife when he says 'I think your hair looks fine.' It's the are-you-eff'ing-kidding-me and/or are-you-that-clueless look of disapproval.
While I could not see A-Rod's expression when this happened (or, maybe I missed it?), I can say that YES had Jeter and Rodriguez on a split screen after the miscue (and the subsequent replays) and, while Jeter still had the same all-the-nerves-in-my-face-are-dead expression, Alex Rodriguez had a semi-giggle smile on his face. It appeared to be a not-knowing-what-else-to-do nervous type reaction. I think A-Rod's facial reaction could be filed under 'Smile, because it rains on you everyday, anyway.'"

Workers who make iPods can't afford to buy one.

Apple invetigates accusations of forced labor at their iPod manufacturing locations and publicizes that they found no such thing. However, buried int he article is this little passage
"The probe found the workers assembling iPods were paid at least the minimum wage, with more than half earning more than minimum wage, excluding bonuses. Minimum wage for Shenzhen in southern China, where the factory is thought to be located, is about 800 yuan ($100) a month."

No, I don't have an iPod but I have great admration for Apple. Here's my issue... On the whole, the people who use Apple products or are iPod afficianados are, in general, the types of people who think they are "counter-culture", or free-thinking individualists fighting against the "mainstream".

Look at how Apple has positioned their brand for the past 2 decades.. going all the way back to the famous "1984" commercial for Macintosh. It implied that if you use a PC, you are part of Big Brother, the establishment. Their current campaign for their computers shows a hip, trendy, cool dude (a liberal)representing the Mac and a stuffy, boring guy in a suit and tie (conservative) as representing the PC. And, of course, the iPod commercials feature hip music and dancing and position the brand as something to appeal to young, hip and creative types.

What's the point? Well, clearly, the demographic of people most likely to buy Apple products is close to the demographics of those who are most likely to listen to Air America, Blog for Howard Dean and maybe even protest the World Trade Organization. So when do they start boycotting Apple products for utilizing this kind of labor to make their products?

Look at me... I'm holding my breath!

One more reason not to let your teenage niece use your computer:

MySpace users hit by hacker virus the Daily Mail:

"They believe that the hackers have hidden dangerous software on the site whichmeans that computers can be attacked unaware to users while they are just viewing pages. "

Kate... did you use my computer last week?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet suspect got jobs as a teacher of young girls after arrest for Child Porno!

Smoking Gun has a better breakdown of the Karr resume at the link below. One question: How does a guy fleeing trial for Child Pornography get jobs overseas as a caregiver and teacher of young girls? Isn't this the "Information Age"???

Resume Of A Killer? - August 17, 2006:
"The man arrested for murdering JonBenet Ramsey taught at a variety of foreign schools and worked as a tutor and 'caregiver' for young girls in the years following the 1996 death of the Colorado girl, according to an online resume. John Karr, 41, was arrested yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand on an arrest warrant charging him with the slaying the six-year-old Boulder girl. Karr's resume, a copy of which you'll find below, was posted to an online clearinghouse used by teachers seeking overseas jobs. The resume notes that from 1996-2001 he taught in 'some of the most prestigious schools in the United States working with children from high profile families.' It appears that his foreign employment began after his April 2001 arrest in California for possession of child pornography. Karr, who went on the lam while awaiting trial, worked as an English teacher in Asia and Europe during 2001-2002. He appears to have bounced between teaching and nanny jobs in the following years before landing at a school in Honduras, where he worked as a second-grade teacher and the school's Director of English. The resume, which appears to have been posted last year, indicates that Karr's 'mission' was to help develop a child into a 'student of superior poise.' The resume notes that Karr holds a bachelor's degree from Regents College in Albany, N.Y. The school, now known as a Excelsior College, is a correspondence school that describes itself as 'a world leader in distance education.' (1 page) "

JonBenet suspect tried to contact Ramseys

Disturbing: - Local News - Audio: Accused Killer Says He Contacted Patsy Ramsey:
"In an audio interview, accused killer John Mark Karr says he contacted Patsy Ramsey before her death to say he was 'so very sorry' about JonBenet Ramsey's murder.

The audio was obtained by an AP reporter in Karr's Bangkok apartment just before police took him into custody.

'I've contacted the Ramsey family, actually before Patricia passed away. And I conveyed to her many things, among them I am so very sorry for what happened to JonBenet,' Karr says on the audio tape.

'It is important for me that everyone knows that I
love (JonBenet) very much, that her death was unintentional and it was an accident.'

Karr then repeats his claim that he contacted the Ramsey family.

'I made several efforts to communicate with Patricia before she passed away. It is my understanding that she did read my letters and she was aware of me before she passed away.'

The reporter then asked, 'What happened in the basement?'

Karr stammers and then says, 'it would take
several hours to describe that.'

The reporter asks a follow-up , 'Could
you be brief?'

'There's no way I could be brief,' Karr counters.

Atlanta attorney Lin Wood confirms Karr tried to correspond with Patsy Ramsey, in writing in the months before Ramsey died this year. He says
Mrs. Ramsey didn't reply, but that she handed the information over to investigators, and that it helped link Karr to the case."

More odd JonBenet suspect stuff...

Drudge had a link up earlier to this dude's resume for teaching jobs. This link is disabled now, but it was interesting for a few reasons. I archived it and will try to get it up later. (UPDATE: I've posted the saved HTML page here)

Most of his teaching gigs started in 1996. (JonBenet was murdered in 1996) And until 1996 he had this entry:

-Real estate (1981-1996) Privately owned rental business. Restoration of mansions from the Queen Victoria Era.

Much speculation has been made on how the intruder would have known the layout of the Ramsey home since it was a wierd floorplan. Is it possible his connection with them involved a restoration of their unique mansion? It was noted by the Ramsey's that their home was part of the Boulder Historic Homes tour, so it must have been something special, and perhaps it was recently renovated?

Psychic's rendering of JonBenet murder from 1998

It's been a few months since OC Chronicle has been updated, but the JonBenet suspect story has compelled me to show you something. I've read about this case on the internet for quite sometime because, as the father of young girls, I'm terrified of something this horrible happenning to us. Also, I couldn't imagine the horror of being falsly accused, worldwide, of such a heinous act.

When I saw the image of the suspect, I remembered that I saw a sketch of a suspect based upon a psychic's vision back in 1998. Now I don't believe in this psychic stuff, but check this out: Psychic's rendering of JonBenet murder from 1998.

"To this day, John and Patsy Ramsey have lived up to their promise and continue to search for their daughter's killer. They have posted a composite sketch of a suspect compiled by the late psychic, Dorothy Allison, on their Internet site with the attached message:

"Have you seen this man? This man may have been in the Boulder area in December 1996. ... We firmly believe that this most horrible of killers will be caught based on information provided by people who care about right and wrong. ... Please help, so another innocent child will not be a victim and another family will not suffer unbearable grief."

Allison, who claimed to have assisted police investigations, came up with her vision of the suspect during an April 1998 appearance on a network television show. She died on December 3, 1999. Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner declined to comment on the late psychic's work."

UPDATE: I got robbed by Drudge! I forwarded Matt Drudge the link to this post and the link to the Psychic's drawing from the "True Crime" web page. He bypasses OC Chronicle and linked directly to True Crime. Come on Matt! I GAVE YOU A GREAT TIP!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Press Briefing by Tony Snow

If you have 10 minutes, watch the video of Tony Snow's first press briefing at this link:Press Briefing by Tony Snow: "Press Briefing by Tony Snow"

The difference in how he handles the press versus his predecessor is enormous. This may be President Bush's best appointment of his 2nd term.

Michelle Malkin: Casual Attire

Michelle Malkin: 9-11 AND 7-11Even though we here at OC Chronicle have yet to post on the Immigration Issue, we'd still like to point you to Michelle Malkin's post today on the day laborers waiting outside her local 7-11.

Being from So. Cal. this is hardly a novel story to us, what did catch our attention is the photo of MM. She just looks so cool! We never get to see her in her civilian casual attire. Michelle, it's a good look!

Why we're swiching to Fosters:

While the political debate is mired in Immigration and border issues, an unnoticed event occurred at the White House. Prime Minister Howard of Autralia has been here for a stse visit and the relationship between the US and Austrailia deserves attention.

Check out PM Howard's toast to the President::

"PRIME MINISTER HOWARD: Mr. President and Mrs. Bush, ladies and gentlemen: For the Australians present, can I say to you and your charming wife, we are greatly honored by the wonderful courtesy and hospitality that you've extended to us, not only tonight, but in the days before on this visit of ours to Washington. You've spoken of the friendship between our two countries. It is a friendship rooted not only in history, but it's a friendship and partnership rooted very firmly in common values.

I share your sense of optimism, Mr. President, about the future. The world will need America just as much in the future as the world has needed America in the past, and as the world needs America at the present. Those foolish enough to suggest that America should have a lesser role in the affairs of the world should pause and think whether they really mean what they say, because a world without a dedicated, involved America will be a lesser world, a less safe world, a more precarious world.

And if I have a single message for the people of your great country, and that is: The world continues to need America, and the world will be a better place for the involvement and the commitment of the people of the United States of America in the years that lie ahead.

I value very much the friendship between our two countries. I value very much the personal friendship I have with you, Mr. President. You're a staunch friend, you're a faithful ally, you're a strong leader; you have articulated the interests of your country and of the free world at a time of unique and different challenge. And for that I thank you and pay tribute to you.

Janette and I warmly reciprocate the kind things that you've said about us. We greatly value those things and we thank you most warmly for your very gracious hospitality.

Can I ask you to join me in a toast to the enduring friendship of the people of Australia and the people of the United States.

(A toast is offered.) (Applause.)"

Any time you hear about America losing allies and respect in the world, refer to this. Who would you rather have on your side, the Germans and French, or those cool Aussies?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

George Clooney reveals the truth behind celebrity blogs

"'I am just looking for someone in the news like Murrow did with McCarthyism, like Cronkite did with Vietnam and like Bernstein and Woodward did with Nixon. I'm just looking for someone in the news to ask difficult questions of this government. It's not my job to do that. I'm not intelligent enough to do it,'"

That's quoted George Clooney recently in a puff piece about his film, Good Night and Good Luck.

The self-evaluation at the end of his quote is dead-on, it seems. There is a recent brou-ha-ha over a blog posting at the Huffington Post that was attributed to Clooney. Apparently, Clooney had responded to some questions and Huffington Post Kingpin Arianna Huffington edited his responses as a "post" for her Left-log. Clooney objected to the editing and he asked for a retraction. Zsa-Zsa Gabor-ington refused and the fur is now flying.

Today, Zsa-Zsa responded and explained how this came about:

"When I first invited George Clooney to blog after a screening of 'Good Night, and Good Luck' in New York a few months ago, he said he wasn't sure how a blog worked. So we put together a sample blog from answers he had given on Larry King Live and an interview with the Guardian in London, and sent it to him to rework in any way he wanted."

"Wasn't sure how a blogged worked..."???????

Really George?

It's a pretty point-and-click situation... you know?

This also begs the question: How many of those "Celebrity Blogs" are just Q & A sessions that Zsa-Zsa's staff at the H-Post edits into a coherent sounding post? Shouldn't the Huffington Post acknowledge and disclose this?

The Huffington Post presents the impression that the celebrities blogging there are all penning their thoughts attributed to their by-line. This suggests that, in some cases, these celebrities are pithy, witty and even literate. But, if in this case, the celebrities answer questions THROUGH THEIR PUBLICISTS, then the actual thoughts and ideas attributed to them at Zsa-Zsa's Play Pen are actually twice or three times removed from the actual celebrity in question.

Is this honest? Or is it a gross mis-representation of the actual star power "contributing" to the H-Post?

Arainna... disclose the truth! Who REALLY writes their own posts?

No posts for the past 6 weeks!

Choose your favorite excuse:

1. OC Chronicle is moving from our home of 8 years to a new location in beautiful La Habra Heights. (click link for some cool descriptions of our new community)
2. Been too depressed about the Bush poll ratings.
3. Found no humor in the Veep's hunting accident.
4. Been too busy following the Angels' Spring training.
5. I'm a father of 3 kids, aged 1, 4 and 6!!! Who has time to blog!??

Which ever you choose, you're right. So let's move beyond excuses and get back to work.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stanford's Best and Brightest

Joel Stein's article in the LA Times seems to be raising quite a ruckus on talk radio and across the blogscape. Hugh Hewitt, of course, scored the only interview that I know of with Stein yesterday. transcript can be found atRadio Blogger:

"HH: All right. Now who is your...this is a column about the troops that begins, 'I don't support our troops.' We'll get to the specifics in a second. But who is your closest family member or friend who is on active duty?
JS: That's an excellent question. I wouldn't say I have a very close friend. I would say only acquaintances. No family at all.
HH: Who are your acquaintances?
JS: There was a guy who works at Time, that's where I worked last, who quit to serve in the military.
HH: What's his name?
JS: (pause) You know, I'm blanking on his name. But your point is well taken that I don't have many people that I even know who are in the military.
HH: Do you have any, though, other than this guy at Time whose name you can't remember?
JS: Who are serving currently?
HH: Yeah.
JS: Or ever served?
HH: No, serving currently.
JS: Or only in Iraq?
HH: Active duty. Anywhere in the world.
JS: (pause) I'd say I've been pretty isolated from that."

Earlier today, Laura Ingraham speculated that the column was actually satire written by a columnist from the Weekly Standard!

Unfortunately, not true, but a great idea for the future!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dennis and Jann's Big Adventure

They've done it! My parents have sold their lovely home in Laguna Beach and have purchased an RV to live in and travel the US. At my father's bidding, we have set up a new blog for them to chronicle their experience and to keep in touch with family and friends. Check it out and blogroll it: Dennis and Jann's Big Adventure

I can't wait to meet up with them next week in Las Vegas and who knows where as the year goes on!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blogs Provide Most Intimate Coverage of Ariel Sharon Situation

Hugh Hewittc has linked to Mere Rhetoric, a blogger who is translating Hebrew from various sources to provide up-to-the-moment coverage of happenings in Israel and the Palestinian Areas.

Also, because they are translating direct information from Israel, it reveals a very intimate insight into the mood on the "Israeli Street". We'll be checking it out all day.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And now the big guns...


We've been waiting for the most influential bloggers to start on the miner story fiasco. Here's the Great Michelle Malkin.

Take That, TIME Magazine.

The Ultra-coolSamantha Burns has the Moron of the Year award up for your voting pleasure. We here in OC don't wish to sway the voting, but we had to go with...

Blog Round-up on Miner Tragedy Reports

Here is a quick list of other blogs that posted in tral-time as Anderson Cooper was interrupted on-air by a local resident announcing that they had all gotten wrong information abot the fate of the West Virginia miners. I must say, it was a surreal moment as is relayed by these bloggers.

Looks like OC Chronicle was the first to post the news based upon a Technorati search: Technorati Search: anderson cooper

Comme Des Garcons: Oh geez, can anything be worse than this?

Not Exactly Rocket Science: So I was trying to write this Meme....

FURIOUS nads! - The Media-Made Miracle

Swanky Conservative � Blog Archive � Miners rescued - only one alive? Only One W. Virginia Miner Found Alive

Raines Secret Garden � PRAYERS


SharonCobb: Anderson Cooper "Stunned" Only One Miner Survived...News Wrong

Oliver's Place: Irresponsible media and the Sago Mine Collapse

sisu: Watching sausage being made

Jack Myers Media Village

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

BREAKING NOW... Only one survivor.

Live, now (11:48 PM)on CNN a local resident interrupted Anderson Cooper in mid-sentance to say that the CEO of the mining compay addressed the local church and said that the initial reports were not true. Only one miner has survived.

Cooper is expressing disbelief that this mis-information could occur.

Apologies for the earlier post and the e-mails I sent to many of you...

More to follow...

11:53 PM According to reports, Randal McCloy is the sole srvivor.

11:56 PM Media at its worst. Reporters shining lights and pointing their cameras and microphones in the faces of family members leaving the church in their grief. One of the men pushes a microphone from his face and the reporter puts it right back in. Why don't they leave them alone??!!

11:59 PM Fox News reports that the family members are distraght and furious, livid that they were lied to. - How does the Governor get bad information like this too?

12:07 AM Ben Hatfield, ICG President speaking now. Characterizes information as a "Mis-communication". But the mis-communication was allowed to be re-communicated across the world for three hours! "Stray cell phone communications" and "overheard conversations" from the rescue team to the command center were the cause according to Hatfield.



An Englishman's Castle has an early morning link from BBC on the rescue of 12 miners in West Virginia. Most East Coast blogs are asleep right now so we expect them to be hot on this one in the morning.

According to Fox News right now (10:57 PM, the 12 survivors ("The Lucky Dozen" their calling them) are being taken to St. Joseph's hospital for triage and treatment of possible hypo-thermia and carbon-monoxide poisoning.

The tears of joy on the faces of the onlookers while they cheer the ambulances are an amazing sight. God Bless all involved (He already has) and prayers for grace to the family of the one miner that did not survive.

One social/political observation:

I am struck by the words of the West Virginia Governor from earlier today when he stated with no irony or guile: "We believe miracles can happen."

This kind of earnest faith is what we Americans love and desire in our leaders. I think it is why the "intelligent", ironic and too-clever-by-half kind of leaders found on the educated left are not well liked by the majority of Americans.

UPDATE: Don Surberis the only East Coast blog still awake, apparently. He stuck a quick mention in his blog title.

Today's must read:

Thank you All Things Beautiful, this post and picture are a perfect way to start the new year.

(Nancy Pelosi has never looked better! This proves Alexandra is a TRUE artist.)

New Year, New Look.

OC Chronicle has undergone a bit of a makeover, your enthusiastic comments are appreciated.

Also, by popular demand, please click this link for photos of the OC Clan in OC, Florida, specifically: Walt Disney World! (Please note the photos with some or all of the kids asleep!)

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