Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blog Round-up on Miner Tragedy Reports

Here is a quick list of other blogs that posted in tral-time as Anderson Cooper was interrupted on-air by a local resident announcing that they had all gotten wrong information abot the fate of the West Virginia miners. I must say, it was a surreal moment as is relayed by these bloggers.

Looks like OC Chronicle was the first to post the news based upon a Technorati search: Technorati Search: anderson cooper

Comme Des Garcons: Oh geez, can anything be worse than this?

Not Exactly Rocket Science: So I was trying to write this Meme....

FURIOUS nads! - The Media-Made Miracle

Swanky Conservative � Blog Archive � Miners rescued - only one alive? Only One W. Virginia Miner Found Alive

Raines Secret Garden � PRAYERS


SharonCobb: Anderson Cooper "Stunned" Only One Miner Survived...News Wrong

Oliver's Place: Irresponsible media and the Sago Mine Collapse

sisu: Watching sausage being made

Jack Myers Media Village

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