Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Chairman has no Clothes.

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I was watching Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean babble incoherently on Hardball last night and it occurred to me: This guy is just D-U-M, Dumb!

"Now the president's trying to make this into a war on terrorism. It is a war on terrorism in the sense that there's certainly international terrorists in Iraq. The point is, there weren't any to speak of before we got there. The president made a big error in judgment, and he's now trying to combine what's going on in Iraq with the war on terrorism. There's a war on terrorism going on in this world, and we are a part of it, and I agree that we need to fight them over there before they get here. The problem is, the place that we need to fight those people are in Afghanistan, hiding over the border in Pakistan.

If you can even follow this Adult ADD train of thought, it will become clear that this guy just does not know what he's talking about.

To help him summarize his "point", I think he is saying: "Yes, there is a war on terror. No Iraq was not part of the war on terror. Yes it is better to fight with terrorists on their turf rather than ours. No, it's not preferable to conduct that war in Iraq even though that in so doing we also topple one of the world's most notorious and barbarous tyrants and help create a democracy in the Middle East, it is preferable to fight the worlds terrorists in their home training ground where they continue to evade us in the most treacherous mountains in the region rather than having them come to our force on what is now our base of operations and flush them out in a more manageable terrain and environment. (just think, there was a time when the majority of Democrats wanted to call this man commander-in-chief of the armed forces!)

It's ironic that for years Dan Quayle and George Bush, and even Ronald Reagan were frequently ridiculed as dumb but the most criticism you can get the MSM to hurl at Dean is that he is "controversial". Yes, if you define controversy as saying inane and outrageous things about Republicans, but I think it goes deeper than that.

Any Republican uttering the incoherent and imbecilic things this guy has said lately would be laughed off of the national stage. But Dean is considered a wise and tactical genius for the Democrats.

What began as an ego-trip, joke of a presidential campaign has become an embarrassment and burden for what was once a great political party.

Iran's Terrorist-in-Chief

Iran's Terrorist in-chief
Also from the Washington Times, a former hostage from the 1979 embassy takeover reflects on the new leader of Iran:
"As soon as I saw his picture in the paper, I knew that was the bastard," said retired Army Col. Charles Scott, 73, a former hostage who lives in Jonesboro, Ga.
"He was one of the top two or three leaders," Col. Scott said in a telephone interview. "The new president of Iran is a terrorist." (ht:Hugh Hewitt)

Considering Europe and the UN's love affair with Yasir Arafat, I would think that the election of this dirt-bag should relly help Iran's cause in the world.

For anyone wavering in their support of the war...

Bill Sammon in the Washington Times reports on a meeting between President Bush and the widow of a fallen service man in Iraq:
"I said: 'I know people are pushing you, but please don't pull the guys out of Iraq too soon,' " said Crystal Owen, whose husband, Staff Sgt. Mike Owen, was killed in Iraq last year.
"Don't let my husband -- and 1,700-plus other deaths -- be in vain," she added during a private meeting with Mr. Bush at the North Carolina base. "They were over there, fighting for a democratic nation, and I hope you'll keep our service members over there until the mission can be accomplished."

The Democratic leadership is constantly asking for an exit plan, or a gradual withrawl of troops, or in Sen Kennedy's case an immediate pullout. Do you think they consider Crystal Owen's feelings and Staff Sgt. Mike Owen's legacy before debating such a position?

Why is it that the TV talk shows can only find widows of service men who are bitter about the war?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Best of the Web Mention

OC Chronicle has not yet achieved the goal of being linked from James Taranto's great site: Best of the Web Today (Our only "Never-go-a-day-without-reading-it" web page. However, today's page does mention yours truly in the "Special Thanks" group at the bottom of the page: (emphasis added)
(Carol Muller helps compile Best of the Web Today. Thanks to Mark Van Der Molen, Chris Hairel, Stuart Creque, Paul Dyak, Tim Graham, Mordecai Bobrowky, Allen O'Donnell, Chris Stetsko, Michael Zukerman, Larry O'Connor, Bob Roenigk, Clark Perkins, Joe Seely, Kurt Alden, Michael Segal, David Eike, Ruth Papazian, Tom Episcopio, John Robb, Rod Pennington, Andrew Robinson, Dan Rorabaugh, Rosanne Klass, Christopher Fountain, Al Heithaus, John Forsberg, Bill Williams, Dana Nottingham, Dan Shepherdson, Joshua Weiner, Joseph Dispenza, Brendan Schulman, Joe Browne, Evan Slatis, Tom Wolf, George Brown and Leonora LaMantia. If you have a tip, write us at, and please include the URL.)

In fact, this troubles me a bit... My name is there, and true, I did send my take on the Rove brouhaha to Mr. Taranto, but none of my input was included... and when you look at that list of "Special Thanks" you can see that there are a lot more individuals than there are items in BOTWT.... Doesn't this make you wonder??

What does one have to do to get mentioned down there?

Is Mr. Taranto's dry cleaner among the names?

Are some of these names just made up?


Friday, June 24, 2005

I thought they were "Progressives", not LIBERALS!

I don't get it... Karl Rove makes a comment criticizing Liberals' response to 9/11 and suddenly he's being condemned by Senators Schumer, Kennedy, Clinton, and Dodd... but aren't these the same politicians that are always running away from the term "Liberal". They would be the last to identify themselves as Liberal, yet as soon as Liberals are criticized they behave as though they were called out by name!


I guess they forgot the rules... whenever a Liberal is called a Liberal, they're supposed to say something like "Oh, I think that all of those labels are divisive and silly..." or "I don't embrace old-fashioned labels like 'Liberal' or conservative, I believe that my PROGRESSIVE agenda appeals to the vast majority of Americans regardless of what you call it...".

I guess this begs the question: Who, exactly was Karl Rove referring to? And who is Senator Clinton defending here, herself?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


Martinipundit explores the issue even further... (don't forget the vermouth!)

OC Chronicle featured in the LA Times!

Just when I'd stopped reading the LA Times...

I've sworn off reading the LA Times, but after their Sports page had the good taste to feature my Christian as the Father's Day photo, I had to go out and buy a few copies.

Check out that smile! He is clearly the greatest little Angels' fan in the world! And this was at a game we lost!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Planned Parenthood agrees to parental consent rule....


Dan at PeoplevsACLU links to a Concerned Women for America press release detailing the idiocy of Planned Parenthood requiring parental consent for any minors wishing to join a poster contest celebrating Roe v. Wade!

At least they have their priorities straight.

Is Moorlach considering a run..?

According to a cryptic comment from "Newsflash! on the OC Blog political round-up from this morning, John Moorlach may really be considering a run for the Cox seat. This would make for a very compelling race for conservatives to watch!

Rather evasive...

From last night's Larry King Live: Larry King interview Dan Rather about the forged document brou-ha-ha.

KING: Are you saying the story might be correct?

RATHER: Well, I'm saying a prudent person might take that view.

KING: Do you have that view?

RATHER: Well, I'm saying a prudent person might take that view.

Would Rather let any of his interview subjects get away with this dodg-duck-spin?

He has become nothing more than a characateur of himself at this point and his fall from the top is Lear-like.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

OC GOP in the House is launched!

OC Chronicle has launched a companion blog:OC GOP in the House.

This blog is meant to track the upcoming GOP primary race to succeed Chris Cox, recently named as new Chairman of the SEC.

Political junkies interested in following what will surely be an intriguing race in one of the nation's "Reddest" counties are invited to chek us out.