Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Press Briefing by Tony Snow

If you have 10 minutes, watch the video of Tony Snow's first press briefing at this link:Press Briefing by Tony Snow: "Press Briefing by Tony Snow"

The difference in how he handles the press versus his predecessor is enormous. This may be President Bush's best appointment of his 2nd term.

Michelle Malkin: Casual Attire

Michelle Malkin: 9-11 AND 7-11Even though we here at OC Chronicle have yet to post on the Immigration Issue, we'd still like to point you to Michelle Malkin's post today on the day laborers waiting outside her local 7-11.

Being from So. Cal. this is hardly a novel story to us, what did catch our attention is the photo of MM. She just looks so cool! We never get to see her in her civilian casual attire. Michelle, it's a good look!

Why we're swiching to Fosters:

While the political debate is mired in Immigration and border issues, an unnoticed event occurred at the White House. Prime Minister Howard of Autralia has been here for a stse visit and the relationship between the US and Austrailia deserves attention.

Check out PM Howard's toast to the President::

"PRIME MINISTER HOWARD: Mr. President and Mrs. Bush, ladies and gentlemen: For the Australians present, can I say to you and your charming wife, we are greatly honored by the wonderful courtesy and hospitality that you've extended to us, not only tonight, but in the days before on this visit of ours to Washington. You've spoken of the friendship between our two countries. It is a friendship rooted not only in history, but it's a friendship and partnership rooted very firmly in common values.

I share your sense of optimism, Mr. President, about the future. The world will need America just as much in the future as the world has needed America in the past, and as the world needs America at the present. Those foolish enough to suggest that America should have a lesser role in the affairs of the world should pause and think whether they really mean what they say, because a world without a dedicated, involved America will be a lesser world, a less safe world, a more precarious world.

And if I have a single message for the people of your great country, and that is: The world continues to need America, and the world will be a better place for the involvement and the commitment of the people of the United States of America in the years that lie ahead.

I value very much the friendship between our two countries. I value very much the personal friendship I have with you, Mr. President. You're a staunch friend, you're a faithful ally, you're a strong leader; you have articulated the interests of your country and of the free world at a time of unique and different challenge. And for that I thank you and pay tribute to you.

Janette and I warmly reciprocate the kind things that you've said about us. We greatly value those things and we thank you most warmly for your very gracious hospitality.

Can I ask you to join me in a toast to the enduring friendship of the people of Australia and the people of the United States.

(A toast is offered.) (Applause.)"

Any time you hear about America losing allies and respect in the world, refer to this. Who would you rather have on your side, the Germans and French, or those cool Aussies?