Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Chairman has no Clothes.

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I was watching Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean babble incoherently on Hardball last night and it occurred to me: This guy is just D-U-M, Dumb!

"Now the president's trying to make this into a war on terrorism. It is a war on terrorism in the sense that there's certainly international terrorists in Iraq. The point is, there weren't any to speak of before we got there. The president made a big error in judgment, and he's now trying to combine what's going on in Iraq with the war on terrorism. There's a war on terrorism going on in this world, and we are a part of it, and I agree that we need to fight them over there before they get here. The problem is, the place that we need to fight those people are in Afghanistan, hiding over the border in Pakistan.

If you can even follow this Adult ADD train of thought, it will become clear that this guy just does not know what he's talking about.

To help him summarize his "point", I think he is saying: "Yes, there is a war on terror. No Iraq was not part of the war on terror. Yes it is better to fight with terrorists on their turf rather than ours. No, it's not preferable to conduct that war in Iraq even though that in so doing we also topple one of the world's most notorious and barbarous tyrants and help create a democracy in the Middle East, it is preferable to fight the worlds terrorists in their home training ground where they continue to evade us in the most treacherous mountains in the region rather than having them come to our force on what is now our base of operations and flush them out in a more manageable terrain and environment. (just think, there was a time when the majority of Democrats wanted to call this man commander-in-chief of the armed forces!)

It's ironic that for years Dan Quayle and George Bush, and even Ronald Reagan were frequently ridiculed as dumb but the most criticism you can get the MSM to hurl at Dean is that he is "controversial". Yes, if you define controversy as saying inane and outrageous things about Republicans, but I think it goes deeper than that.

Any Republican uttering the incoherent and imbecilic things this guy has said lately would be laughed off of the national stage. But Dean is considered a wise and tactical genius for the Democrats.

What began as an ego-trip, joke of a presidential campaign has become an embarrassment and burden for what was once a great political party.

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