Friday, June 24, 2005

I thought they were "Progressives", not LIBERALS!

I don't get it... Karl Rove makes a comment criticizing Liberals' response to 9/11 and suddenly he's being condemned by Senators Schumer, Kennedy, Clinton, and Dodd... but aren't these the same politicians that are always running away from the term "Liberal". They would be the last to identify themselves as Liberal, yet as soon as Liberals are criticized they behave as though they were called out by name!


I guess they forgot the rules... whenever a Liberal is called a Liberal, they're supposed to say something like "Oh, I think that all of those labels are divisive and silly..." or "I don't embrace old-fashioned labels like 'Liberal' or conservative, I believe that my PROGRESSIVE agenda appeals to the vast majority of Americans regardless of what you call it...".

I guess this begs the question: Who, exactly was Karl Rove referring to? And who is Senator Clinton defending here, herself?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


Martinipundit explores the issue even further... (don't forget the vermouth!)

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