Monday, June 27, 2005

Best of the Web Mention

OC Chronicle has not yet achieved the goal of being linked from James Taranto's great site: Best of the Web Today (Our only "Never-go-a-day-without-reading-it" web page. However, today's page does mention yours truly in the "Special Thanks" group at the bottom of the page: (emphasis added)
(Carol Muller helps compile Best of the Web Today. Thanks to Mark Van Der Molen, Chris Hairel, Stuart Creque, Paul Dyak, Tim Graham, Mordecai Bobrowky, Allen O'Donnell, Chris Stetsko, Michael Zukerman, Larry O'Connor, Bob Roenigk, Clark Perkins, Joe Seely, Kurt Alden, Michael Segal, David Eike, Ruth Papazian, Tom Episcopio, John Robb, Rod Pennington, Andrew Robinson, Dan Rorabaugh, Rosanne Klass, Christopher Fountain, Al Heithaus, John Forsberg, Bill Williams, Dana Nottingham, Dan Shepherdson, Joshua Weiner, Joseph Dispenza, Brendan Schulman, Joe Browne, Evan Slatis, Tom Wolf, George Brown and Leonora LaMantia. If you have a tip, write us at, and please include the URL.)

In fact, this troubles me a bit... My name is there, and true, I did send my take on the Rove brouhaha to Mr. Taranto, but none of my input was included... and when you look at that list of "Special Thanks" you can see that there are a lot more individuals than there are items in BOTWT.... Doesn't this make you wonder??

What does one have to do to get mentioned down there?

Is Mr. Taranto's dry cleaner among the names?

Are some of these names just made up?


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