Tuesday, January 03, 2006



An Englishman's Castle has an early morning link from BBC on the rescue of 12 miners in West Virginia. Most East Coast blogs are asleep right now so we expect them to be hot on this one in the morning.

According to Fox News right now (10:57 PM, the 12 survivors ("The Lucky Dozen" their calling them) are being taken to St. Joseph's hospital for triage and treatment of possible hypo-thermia and carbon-monoxide poisoning.

The tears of joy on the faces of the onlookers while they cheer the ambulances are an amazing sight. God Bless all involved (He already has) and prayers for grace to the family of the one miner that did not survive.

One social/political observation:

I am struck by the words of the West Virginia Governor from earlier today when he stated with no irony or guile: "We believe miracles can happen."

This kind of earnest faith is what we Americans love and desire in our leaders. I think it is why the "intelligent", ironic and too-clever-by-half kind of leaders found on the educated left are not well liked by the majority of Americans.

UPDATE: Don Surberis the only East Coast blog still awake, apparently. He stuck a quick mention in his blog title.

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