Tuesday, January 03, 2006

BREAKING NOW... Only one survivor.

Live, now (11:48 PM)on CNN a local resident interrupted Anderson Cooper in mid-sentance to say that the CEO of the mining compay addressed the local church and said that the initial reports were not true. Only one miner has survived.

Cooper is expressing disbelief that this mis-information could occur.

Apologies for the earlier post and the e-mails I sent to many of you...

More to follow...

11:53 PM According to reports, Randal McCloy is the sole srvivor.

11:56 PM Media at its worst. Reporters shining lights and pointing their cameras and microphones in the faces of family members leaving the church in their grief. One of the men pushes a microphone from his face and the reporter puts it right back in. Why don't they leave them alone??!!

11:59 PM Fox News reports that the family members are distraght and furious, livid that they were lied to. - How does the Governor get bad information like this too?

12:07 AM Ben Hatfield, ICG President speaking now. Characterizes information as a "Mis-communication". But the mis-communication was allowed to be re-communicated across the world for three hours! "Stray cell phone communications" and "overheard conversations" from the rescue team to the command center were the cause according to Hatfield.

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