Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stanford's Best and Brightest

Joel Stein's article in the LA Times seems to be raising quite a ruckus on talk radio and across the blogscape. Hugh Hewitt, of course, scored the only interview that I know of with Stein yesterday. transcript can be found atRadio Blogger:

"HH: All right. Now who is your...this is a column about the troops that begins, 'I don't support our troops.' We'll get to the specifics in a second. But who is your closest family member or friend who is on active duty?
JS: That's an excellent question. I wouldn't say I have a very close friend. I would say only acquaintances. No family at all.
HH: Who are your acquaintances?
JS: There was a guy who works at Time, that's where I worked last, who quit to serve in the military.
HH: What's his name?
JS: (pause) You know, I'm blanking on his name. But your point is well taken that I don't have many people that I even know who are in the military.
HH: Do you have any, though, other than this guy at Time whose name you can't remember?
JS: Who are serving currently?
HH: Yeah.
JS: Or ever served?
HH: No, serving currently.
JS: Or only in Iraq?
HH: Active duty. Anywhere in the world.
JS: (pause) I'd say I've been pretty isolated from that."

Earlier today, Laura Ingraham speculated that the column was actually satire written by a columnist from the Weekly Standard!

Unfortunately, not true, but a great idea for the future!

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