Friday, October 27, 2006

Stem cell Electioneering

We've all read about or seen the Michael J. Fox campaign ad regarding embryonic stem cell research. He's recently jumped into the hotly contested Maryland senate race where he slams Michael Steele.

Steele's campaign has responded with what must be one of the most brilliant ads I've seen in a long time. Watch it here and then come right back... PROMISE ME!

So... pretty good, right? I'd like to make a point about the Michael J. Fox ad which, I don't think has been made:

Michael J. Fox has accused Michael Steele of wanting to "put limits on the most promising stem cell research." Here, watch it yourself:

Did you catch that? "MOST PROMISING STEM CELL RESEARCH". You know, of course, that Mr. Steele DOES support stem cell research, just not federal funding for EMBRYONIC stem cell research. So, what is Mr. Fox' point when he accuses Mr. Steele of standing in the way of "the most promising stem cell research"? Well, Mr. Fox means EMBRYONIC stem cell research. But, it's curious, he doesn't SAY embryonic, does he? Why not?

You know why not. Because no ordinary American can see Mr. Fox, trembling from his Parkinson's disease, asking for support for the most promising research and feel anything but compassion for him and anger at anyone not willing to pursue "the most promising" research to help find a cure for his disease.

But... what if Mr. Fox said: "Mr. Steele wants to put limits on dissecting five-year-old children, which happens to be the most promising research."???

How about: "Mr. Steele wants to put limits on burning alive furry little kittens, which happens to be the most promising research"???

OK... those are a little extreme... how about: "Mr. Steele would put limits on embryonic stem cell research..."? The fact is, many Americans flinch at that statement, and actually agree with Mr. Steele. And Mr. Fox' disingenuous approach in trying to affect this campaign is a shame and should be noted.

Mr. Steele's response is full of class, dignity and intelligence, and he deserves to be a US Senator.

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