Friday, October 27, 2006

Wolf can't research Dem Talking Points? Dude, google it, will ya?

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This is the extent of the "Explicit Steamy Lesbian" scene from Lynn Cheney's "Sisters":

The women who embraced in the wagon were Adam and Eve crossing a dark cathedral stage -- no, Eve and Eve, loving one another as they would not be able to once they ate of the fruit and knew themselves as they truly were. She felt curiously moved, curiously envious of them. She had never to this moment thought Eden a particularly attractive paradise, based as it was on naiveté, but she saw that the women in the cart had a passionate, loving intimacy forever closed to her. How strong it made them. What comfort it gave.

It took me all of 2 minutes to find this from a website called "Bella OnLine".

Now if it was that easy for little old me, why couldn't Big Bad Wolf Blitzer do the same before he embarrassed himself in his interview of Mrs. Cheney today?

UPDATE: Here is a link to a pdf which puports to be the full trascript of "Sisters". Given the nature of the webpage referenced above, it is safe to assume that if they could have found a more explicit, lesbian scene, they would have reproduced it.


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