Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet suspect got jobs as a teacher of young girls after arrest for Child Porno!

Smoking Gun has a better breakdown of the Karr resume at the link below. One question: How does a guy fleeing trial for Child Pornography get jobs overseas as a caregiver and teacher of young girls? Isn't this the "Information Age"???

Resume Of A Killer? - August 17, 2006:
"The man arrested for murdering JonBenet Ramsey taught at a variety of foreign schools and worked as a tutor and 'caregiver' for young girls in the years following the 1996 death of the Colorado girl, according to an online resume. John Karr, 41, was arrested yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand on an arrest warrant charging him with the slaying the six-year-old Boulder girl. Karr's resume, a copy of which you'll find below, was posted to an online clearinghouse used by teachers seeking overseas jobs. The resume notes that from 1996-2001 he taught in 'some of the most prestigious schools in the United States working with children from high profile families.' It appears that his foreign employment began after his April 2001 arrest in California for possession of child pornography. Karr, who went on the lam while awaiting trial, worked as an English teacher in Asia and Europe during 2001-2002. He appears to have bounced between teaching and nanny jobs in the following years before landing at a school in Honduras, where he worked as a second-grade teacher and the school's Director of English. The resume, which appears to have been posted last year, indicates that Karr's 'mission' was to help develop a child into a 'student of superior poise.' The resume notes that Karr holds a bachelor's degree from Regents College in Albany, N.Y. The school, now known as a Excelsior College, is a correspondence school that describes itself as 'a world leader in distance education.' (1 page) "

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