Thursday, August 17, 2006

More odd JonBenet suspect stuff...

Drudge had a link up earlier to this dude's resume for teaching jobs. This link is disabled now, but it was interesting for a few reasons. I archived it and will try to get it up later. (UPDATE: I've posted the saved HTML page here)

Most of his teaching gigs started in 1996. (JonBenet was murdered in 1996) And until 1996 he had this entry:

-Real estate (1981-1996) Privately owned rental business. Restoration of mansions from the Queen Victoria Era.

Much speculation has been made on how the intruder would have known the layout of the Ramsey home since it was a wierd floorplan. Is it possible his connection with them involved a restoration of their unique mansion? It was noted by the Ramsey's that their home was part of the Boulder Historic Homes tour, so it must have been something special, and perhaps it was recently renovated?

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