Monday, September 25, 2006

They say the Lord moves in mysterious ways...

This may be one of those times. About ten days ago, out of the blue, I decided to start running as if I were training for a marathon.

Realistically, I would not be capable of running a marathon for at least six - nine months as I have never had any kind of running program as part of my exercise routine... in fact... I've never really had an eercise routine! So I wasn't really sure WHAT I was training for, I just had in my mind that I wanted to be CAPABLE of running a marathon by next June (when I turn 40).

So I started a routine of mileage build-up a described here.

I even started logging my runs around the beautiful hills of La Habra Heights at this website.

So this afternoon, I'm doing a 3-mile run, listening to Hugh Hewitt, and he has two Orange County bloggers talking about the "Red County Half-marathon" in December!

So, I guess now I know what I'm training for! This is perfect... I'm going from a non-runner to a half-marathoner in the next 2 1/2 months!

I'll try to log my progress here as well... Thanks Hugh!


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