Monday, March 14, 2005

There's Something Happening Here.

Free Beirut!, originally uploaded by OC Chronicle.
Things are changing. Stop a moment and appreciate it. Something big is happening. I remember when the Berlin Wall was coming down and the communist states in Eastern Europe fell so quickly fifteen years ago. I noticed it, but I didn't truly appreciate the historical significance of the events at the time. We should all now stop and begin to really look at what is happening in Beirut today.

Look at the photo above. There will be plenty of time in the coming months to debate the cause and to truly explain the significance of the Bush Administrations Middle East Democracy policies. Right now look at what is happening and understand that our world will never be the same.

Do you see the joy in this photo? Do you see the massive number of people? Do you see women and men side-by-side as equals demanding a better life? This is the picture of hope. This is the picture of life. This is what all humans, created in God's image, yearn for. Never again should we be lured by intellectual midgets pontificating about how some people are not ready for democracy, not ready for freedom.

Let no man be another man's slave. Free Beirut!

Great photos at Terrorism Unveiled
Michelle Malkin thinks she spotted a star in the crowd!
...Or Does it Explode? has a great point on the Hezbollah demonstrations last week.

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