Saturday, March 05, 2005

Is it possible Barbara Boxer could lose her title?

Radio Blogger: "Minnesota's future begins today." is the headline of Radio Blogger's Saturday Morning post and it describes Generalissimo Duane's speculation that the Ultra-Leftist Jay Larson may through his hat into the Minnesota Senate campaign now that he has turned 30 (the constitutional minimum for US Senators).

Now, one is tempted to think that this is merely a clever way of wishing Lefty-Larson a happy birthday, but Minnesota is a wacky place... stranger things have happened.

If Larson were to actually run and somehow win the race (Alan Keyes has been eyeing a change of venue), this could actually be bad news for Californians. As ineffectual as our two Senators have been over the last decade (who would have thought that whole "Year of the Woman" campaign wouldn't translate into substance once they got to Washington?) at least we Golden Staters could hang our hat on ONE claim to fame: Barbara Boxer is, without question, the dumbest person in the senate.

Let's hope that Larson doesn't jeopardize this last bit of prominence Californians retain.

OC is so proud of our Senator. Posted by Hello

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