Friday, March 11, 2005

Sgrena continued...

The noise continues.

There seem to be two camps out there on the trail of the fishy circumstances sorrounding "L'Affair Sgrena".

  1. Those finding the obvious holes in the stories regarding the shooting at the coalition checkpoint resulting in the tragic death of Nicola Calipari.
  2. Those looking back at the entire kidnapping episode and questioning the truth of the circumstaces from day one.

As relayed in my previous post on this subject, The Jawa Report has been the first on record challenging some of the apparantly bogus aspects of her abduction. And Michelle Malkin has diligently stayed on top of the blogs and the MSM takes on this.

When performing a "Google" search on "Giuliana Sgrena, kidnap, hoax" you now will get over 70 hits versus just five hits two days ago.

Here is just a partial list of Blogs that are either poking holes in her shooting story or finding unanswered questions in her entire story.

The Jawa Report
Michelle Malkin
Little Green Footballs
Flopping Aces
GOP and the City
Cranky Neocon (Borrowing a little from OC Chronicle's Broadway style)
Right Wing Nuthouse
Captain's Quarters

So can you sense things building? Was the Tawana Brawley reference premature?

Time will tell. I think, perhaps, those hostage videos taken of Signiora Sgrena should be scrutinized a bit.

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