Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Does anybody really care what John Kerry thinks?

Leave it to the Wall Street Journal editorial page to perfectly frame the argument in favor of John Bolton, the administration's nominee for Ambassador to the UN.

You have to imagine Paul Gigot smirking to himself as he types this on his keyboard:

"Of course, it would not do if Mr. Bolton's nomination wasn't greeted by the usual bellyaching of our supposed multilateralists. Sure enough, John Kerry obliged, calling the appointment "baggage we cannot afford" and reminding us why Americans prefer to call him Senator."

OUCH! Nice slam.

Seriously, when can we expect Senator Kerry's opinions on any subject other than "How to get around campaign finance laws and a pre-nup all at the same time" to be written off for what they are: Sour Grapes from a losing has-been?

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