Thursday, March 03, 2005

LA Times confirms: Americans think North Koreans are Monsters!

This disgusting article about a North Korean "official" seeking to "clear up misunderstandings" we parochial Americans have about the horribly misunderstood North Korean regime is yet another example of the LA Times' uncanny ability to re-print propaganda and shamelessly present it as news. Usually this propaganda is supplied by various left-wing causes from Europe or the US, but this time they've managed to land the big fish... a genuine communist agent from the world's most repressive, totalitarian dictatorship!

What's most infuriating to me about this type of journalism is contained in the "official's" unchallenged opening statement:
"There's never been a positive article about North Korea, not one," he said.
"We're portrayed as monsters, inhuman, Dracula's with horns on our heads."
No... they aren't!!! The North Korean people are portrayed as deserving of our sympathy and help. They are portrayed as victims of a brutal system and an evil, self-appointed "leader". North Korea has a disgusting and monstrous GOVERNMENT.

Does the Times do anything to challenge this statement? Of course not. It is part of their paradigm that Americans are unenlightened, xenophobic, McCarthyite purveyors of hate-speech. This sets up the entire raison d'etre for this despicable piece of propaganda.

And to what end? Does the Times seek to change the hearts and minds of its readers by allowing this morally relativistic puff piece? What do they think this will accomplish? Will the American public demand a re-designation of North Korea from the Axis of Evil to Most Favored Nations' status? Or is this what they're really hoping for?

Doesn't Los Angeles deserve something better than this?

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