Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Guiliana Sgrena: Italy's Tawana Brawley?

Tawana, originally uploaded by OC Chronicle.

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I'm sensing something smoldering out in the blogosphere about this Guiliana Sgrena incident. For the basic facts of the case read this.

After reading some details of conflicts in the story on Austin Bay's blog, as well as some fishy foreshadowing fleshed out on LGF, I'm starting to sense a pattern.

I would not be surprised if it turns out this whole kidnapping was faked. Some things just don't sound kosher...

This terrorist group had never been heard of before, and their first action is something this high-profile, this bold, and this successful?

The name of the terrorist group: "Mujahadien Without Borders". Doesn't that sound a lot like "Doctors Without Borders"? And doesn't it sound a little too Euro? A little too touchy-feely to be a name of a terrorist group?

All of the holes in the story about the "barrage" of bullets yet there is relatively little damage to the automobile?

I trust there are plenty more sophisticated bloggers out there that could really expose this one. I hope they do. The whole thing just doesn't sound right... it's too convenient and too coincidental that this whole episode in this person's life fits perfectly with her view of the war, of coalition forces, and is beginning to turn Italian public opinion even further against Berlosconi's support of the US, which is exactly what her newspaper and Berlosconi's political op[onents have been aiming for.

Something's fishy in Italy.


After doing a google search on "Guiliana Sgrena, kidnap, hoax" I only found five references. However The Jawa Report seems to have been in front on this idea with posts going back to mid-February. I think we might be onto something here...

Check out some of Jawa Report's questions about this:

- Doesn't this whole incident seem more than a little odd?

- Sgena was kidnapped by her admitted friends in Iraq.

- She was kidnapped while on the phone with another journalist.

- A tape was released of her begging Italy to cave to the terrorists demands of pulling Italian troops out of Iraq the day before the Italian Senate was to vote on that very issue.

- On the tape Sgrena appears to tell the 'terrorist' holding the camera to stop. He follows her order as if she is directing.

- The tape came exactly two-weeks after she was captured.

- One month to the day after her abduction she is released.

- On the day of her release her car speeds toward a US checkpoint, fails to stop when ordered, fails to heed warning shots, and the car is ultimately fired upon.

In the end, who looks like the bad guys? The terrorists? The jihadis? The 'insurgents'? No, the US.

Read the whole blog and you'll see there are a lot of questions on this going all the way back to the abduction itself, not just the shooting.

The great Michelle Malkin is on this too. This means there's GOT to be something to this.


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