Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terror in Jordan.

At any occurrence of Middle Eastern terrorism, Terrorism Unveiled is a mandatory destination. In the case of today's terror, "Athena" is uniquely qualified for commentary, "Athena" studied in and often visits Jordan:
"This will backfire for these terrorists.� The people of Jordan will protest this, most likely in the capital.� Pictures of Zarqawi will burn.

I wrote that an attack in Jordan is imminent quite a while back.� Sadly, my nightmare has come true."

Let's hope this is the tipping point for the citizens of Jordan. They have benefitted from relatively sane governance in the past, this is an opportunity to join the right side of the GWOT.

And from Don Surber

At some point the Western world will have to stop being anti-Semitic and anti-American long enough to join this effort to rid the world of terrorism. We either pull together or get bombed separately.

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