Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fantasy Football update.

We're half-way through the football season and, by popular demand, we here at OC Chronicle will provide an update on our
various fantasy leagues.

To refresh your memories, we are operating the following leagues:

3 scrimmage squads operating through Yahoo Sports.
- Team 1 "AskMeAboutMelaleuca"
3-5 record, 7th place. (Interestingly, this is the league where we had the first pick in the draft and the draft robot automatically gave us Peyton Manning. NEVER draft a QB in the first round...NEVER!)

- Team 2 Red Stater in OC 6-2 record, 1st Place, 'Nuff Said.

- Team 3 OCChronicle.blogspot 5-3 record, 3rd Place (A true achievement as this team started out in the toilet and we've really battled back. Despite our team name, we have not been able to generate much traffic to the blog from here, apparently the FFL managers aren't blog readers.)

2 amateur teams on AOL Sports.
- Team 1 Shock and Awe 3-5 record, 3rd place in division (VERY disapointed in this team, I had high hopes, tough luck with injuries and such... could still pull it out in 2nd half.)

- Team 2 Ask Me About Melaleuca 5-3 record, 3rd place in division. (Despite drawing Peyton Manning, this team is doing OK)

1 minor league team on
- OC Shock and Awe 5-3 record, tied for 2nd in division (RBs have carried this team. Really enjoy the moments of banter between team owners in this team)

1 semi-pro team on
- Shock and Awe 6-2 record, 1st place in division, 2nd best record in league. (My most talented team by far. Shaun Alexander, Julius Jones, Eli Manning, Marvin Harrison, Hines Ward - Fred Taylor and Stephen Davis ride the pines!)

A pro team ready to win it all on owned by brother DOC
- Jayaco Football League, DOC - Probably password protected as this is a private league 6-2 record, 1st place in division, best record in league. (This is the team we spend most of our time on and are proudest of. We've been perennial losers in this league and this year, we're finally hitting our stride.)

I'm guessing your main observtion at this point is that we need to get more creative with our names... we know. But we really do kind of like "Shock and Awe" as the name for a football team. Feel free to submit your own favorites here.

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