Friday, November 04, 2005

The Alliance: New Filthy Lie Assignment: Evil glen's Musical

The Alliance is speculating that Glen Reynolds is poised to take over Broadway with a new show. This seems bit incongruous as Broadway is the epitome of OLD media... Like Ancient Greek old. That being said, we here at OC Chronicle are perfectly positioned to report on this given our "Inside Broadway" status.

The Instapundit show will be: Glengarry Glen Reynolds. A gritty, sometimes obscene drama about the lives of desperate bloggers trying to post the perfect entry and get a hit on Michelle Malkin or Hugh Hewitt or (gasp) LGF! While sitting in pajamas in a dark family room with the NBA playing on the TV with the sound down, our hero feverishly checks his page visits and his Google Ads click-throughs.

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