Monday, November 07, 2005

Mark Steyn is a God!

I can only dream that one day I could come close to writing as wonderfully as Mark Steyn:

"Oh, dear. Who's not 'being serious' here? In Normandy, it's not just the cheese that's soft and runny. Granted that France's over-regulated sclerotic economy profoundly obstructs the social mobility of immigrants, even Mr Debris - whoops, sorry - even Mr Debre' cannot be so out of touch as to think 'seriously' that the rioters are rioting for 'a fairer, more fraternal society'. But maybe he does. The political class and the media seem to serve as mutual reinforcers of their obsolete illusions. Or as the Washington Post's headline put it: 'Rage of French youth is a fight for recognition'.

Actually, they're very easy to 'recognise': just look out the window, they're the ones torching your Renault 5. I'd wager the 'French' 'youth' find that headline as hilarious as the Jets in West Side Story half a century ago, when they taunted Officer Krupke with 'society's' attempts to 'understand' them: we're depraved on account of we're deprived. Perhaps some enterprising Paris impresario will mount a production of West Eid Story with choreographed gangs of North African Muslims sashaying through the Place de la Republique, incinerating as they go."

Of course, to really appreciate Steyn's use of the language, you have to read the above in your very best British accent.

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