Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hugh Hewitt to the Rescue.

Nobody knows California politics like Hugh Hewitt. The Governor would do will to heed his sage advice: (Read the entire post)
"As Nixon often remarked: You can't win with just the conservatives, but you cannot win without them.

Your team told you that if you put enough bait on the hook, you'd get the troops to marching. While they no doubt dutifully voted for your four initiatives --and Prop 73, which would have required notice to parents when their teen daughter sought an abortion-- they most certainly did not march.

And they aren't even that upset this morning. They didn't lose a thing --you lost. Perhaps you will spend the next couple of weeks figuring out that you have exactly zero high profile GOP conservatives close to you, and that there are a whole bunch of lefties running around your offices busy advancing agendas with which the right cannot agree.

Name the conservative icon upon whom you depend and to whom you go for solid advice? There isn't one."

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