Friday, November 11, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Steps into John and Ken Territory!

Hugh Hewitt: "If the effort to open ANWR fails, the Republican Congressmen who deserted the GOP on this issue don't deserve a return ticket back to the Congress. Freshman Rep. David Reichert appears to be the most vulnerable of those who are on record as opposing ANWR exploration. Who's his Democratic opponent?

Sad but true: If ANWR doesn't get out of the Congress, the GOP will have to do some housecleaning. There's national security and there's jduges. Everything else is a distant third issue. Those are the defining issues of our time, and they define the GOP.

There's got to be an edge to the big tent.

I want to anticipate one thing: If ANWR exploration does make it out of the Congress, I don't care if some GOPers voted against it. Realists understand the concept of a 'free vote,' and don't resent the party leadership managing to a majority.

But if it fails, it would be a very good thing to see some ANWR opponents tossed out in the primaries of '06, or even the general. "

Doesn't this sound a bit like the John and Ken effort to defeat David Drier as a "Human Sacrifice" to make a point about illegal immigration?

Hugh, we hardly knew ye.

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