Monday, August 01, 2005

They Took Her T-Bird Away

Peter Marks in the Washington Post has a scathing and bitchy account of the Suzanne Sommers Stink Bomb of a Broadway show that closed after seven days last week in New York.

I'd like to know who is advising Ms. Sommers and her erstwhile husband Alan Hall on how to spend their investors (I am generously guessing that they didn't personally bankroll the ENTIRE production budget) money.

Here is free advice to anyone out there considering producing a Broadway Show: If your show is booked to open at the BROOKS ATKINSON in the middle of JULY.... it's a BOMB! Your show STINKS! It doesn't have a CHANCE IN HELL! This was the live theatrical equivilent of your movie being released direct to video.

Suzanne: Next time you want to do a show, hire a consultant or General Manager with some scruples who will tell you the TRUTH!

PS: I'm available.

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