Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bob Novak sandbagged on his own network!

DRUDGE has a breaking item:
"BOB NOVAK WALKS OFF CNN LIVE 'THAT IS BULL*HIT'... Was on with Carville talking Katherine Harris make-up... Host Ed Henry ended segment by telling viewers he had told Novak in advance he would ask him about the CIA leak case. Henry said CNN hoped to get Novak to answer such questions in future... DEVELOPING..."

You know, Novak has to take a lot of abuse on CNN. He's constantly the only conservative on panels of three or four liberals, they routinely gang up on him. And on Capital Gang, the other panelists regularly use personal invective and ad homenim attacks when debating the guy. Now he gets sandbagged by a guy during an exchange that was supposed to be about Katherine Harris?

Maybe this will push the guy over the edge and he'll join FOX News.

I wonder... could this be considered workplace harassment? Does Novak have a case?

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