Thursday, August 11, 2005

George Will hits a homer today.

We'll admit that lately, George Will's column have not been "must reads" for us every Thursday. He's been a bit pedantic and long-winded of late. But this week he has a brilliant piece titled: "Carter continues lying about me"

That gets your attention, doesn't it? Read the entire column. The story has to do with President Carter accusing George Will of stealing his depate-prep book and giving it to the Reagan campaign! Seriously... Carter really believes this!!! And Will just destroys him!

"Regarding your briefing book, I will tell you what I have told many others. When I got to David Stockman's house on the day he was preparing to play the role of you in the debate preparations, he had on his kitchen table what I gather was the briefing book. I do not know how he got it; more to the point, I do not know who thought having it would be helpful. Frankly, you deserved better. My cursory glance at it convinced me that it was a crashing bore and next to useless — for you, or for anyone else."

UPDATE: Taranto with a great take at OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today: "So Carter (a) nurses this trivial grudge for 13 years (and still is after 25 years), (b) refuses to read Will's book because of it, (c) feels vindicated when he finds it on the remainder table, and (d) writes a letter to Will boasting about (c)! Next to this guy, Bill Clinton is Winston Churchill."

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