Wednesday, August 03, 2005

OC Chronicle invades the Northern Alliance territory

It's official, the OC Chronicle will be traveling August 13 - 17 to the hot and wet environs of the twin cities. I have a pretty full schedule for the visit, but I'd love to hook up with the goof balls at Fraters Libertas. Well, actually I'd like to have a pint or seven at Keegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant and I figure if I link to them enough, I'll get them to buy a round.

---Also at OC Chronicle: President Bush's comments on intelligent design draws curious comment from Barney Frank

UPDATE: Fraters Libertas: "Keep dreaming Larry. Keep dreaming." - Apparently there's some confusion over the OC Chronicle's "OC" designation. (Explanation here)

Although it's true that we are not OFFICIALLY affiliated with that trashy documentary of my high school years at Newport Beach's Corona del Mar High School I do intend to bring Rachel Bilson with me to Keegan's. We all know each other here in OC, you know?

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