Monday, August 08, 2005

9/11 Slush Fund?

We start the day as we often do, with Michelle Malkin:
"Among hundreds of pages of other documents obtained by The Star-Ledger was a memo from a top administrator in the Attorney General's Office who describes the program as 'Christmas Tree funding' -- a term long used in Trenton to describe grants given along party lines to loyal and politically connected lawmakers for use on pet projects in home districts."

She links to the complete story that details allegations of the NJ Governors office funneling Homeland Security ant-terrorism dollars to districts controlled by Democratic Party cronies.

Notice something here... whenever Democrats try to sound tough on terror, they often sound off about "First-responders" or "Port security". What do these positions have in common? They translate to more jobs (and more federal money) for union members. Dock workers, police, firemen... these are unions that traditionally support the Democratic Party (the union leadership, the rank and file usually find Democratic positions to be repulsive).

And, remember their position on the original Homeland Security Bill? They famously attempted to block it because the Bush Administration wanted more freedom to fire union employees.

Now the State of New Jersey, dominated by a corrupt, state Democratic Party, has been channelling money meant for anti-terrorist efforts to cities controlled by the Party. I'm sure that on the surface, the funding will appear to have gone to more first-responders or perhaps to certain security measures that seem legit., but if they probe further, I'm confident the local union bosses have been well rewarded for their undying support.

A cynic might observe: Only the Democratic Leadership could see the burning twin towers and see a fantastic opportunity for a Federal Jobs program.


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