Friday, April 29, 2005

Time for a little trash talk via blog.

Kill the Twins! Posted by Hello
Angels vs Minnesota this weekend!

Apparently, there is now a professional baseball team playing in Minnesota. I'm sure this is as big a shock to you as it was for us here in OC. I was sure that since the NHL took the year off, ice fishing was the only other sporting option for my brothers in the twin cities.

I've noticed quite a few of the best blogs are from Minnesota so this should be a good time to start some serious trash talk on the upcoming series between the Twin-(kies) and the Angels. Go ahead, insert your infantile mocking of the Los Angeles of Anaheim name change here.

It's clear that the boys at Fraters Libertas are the only Minny bloggers with the right temperament for this kind of testosterone-infused blogging (sorry Lileks, no one believes you have any real sports knowledge, too many books on interior design). I suspect any blog cool enough to be on permanent, semi-double-secret probation from Hugh Hewitt can't be all bad.

So, I throw down the gauntlet! Let's hear it Fraters... Do you actually believe your little homer-hankie softball team has a chance against the Los Angeles Angels of an Orange County suburb 45 miles South of Los Angeles called Anaheim???

Give me your best shot!

UPDATE 4/29/05: Twins 7, Angels 4 How did I just KNOW this would happen?!?

The Elder rose to the challenge and attempted a little jousting over this weekend's series though I think it was downhill after the "Spank the Monkey" headline. Maybe the boys over Fraters are working on their own book on interior design?

Well, one game does not a series make. Go Halos!

UPDATE 4/30/05:
OK, OK. I'm man enough to admit that it's highly unlikely that the Angels will win this three game series being down 0-2 at the moment. But this is a long season and it only raises the stakes for when the St. Paul Twins come to OC.

I still maintain that Colon will kick a little Santana Butt today and this series can be written off as the bizarre freak of nature that it was.

I really appreciate all of you who have commented and e-mailed me to update me on the scores this weekend. I would have never known the Angels lost without your notifications.


UPDATE 5/1/05:
All is right with the world. Just another Halo Victory!

See you July 4 - 6 in OC, Twinkies!

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