Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sundries: Why are We Afraid of Benedict XVI?

The OC Chronicle has spent many a posts over the last month on the transition from Pope "JP2" to B16" (sorry for the trendy and oh-so-cute nomenclature). Because of this focus, we've been fortunate enough to be included on some great Catholic Blogs and we've even been put into that category even though our focus ranges from Broadway musicals to the Los Angeles Angels (yes, of Anaheim).

Our most recent link is to Sundries and her very thorough, thought provoking and heart-felt reflections on the past month: Sundries: Why are We Afraid of Benedict XVI?

We highly recommend that you take the time to read this post and leave some comments. Although I don't share all of her opinions and forecasts, it's hard not to admire her intelligence and eloquence. Her observations are reminiscent of a young Peggy Noonan.

Also, check out her picture, she is HOT!!! :)

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