Thursday, April 21, 2005

John Kerry's desperate struggle for relevance. "We each have to ask ourselves, 'Who's going to stop it? Who's going to stand up and say 'Are we really going to allow this to continue?' Are Republicans in the House going to continue spending the people's time defending Tom DeLay or they going to defend America and defend our democracy? Will Republican senators let their silence endorse Senator Frist's appeal to religious division, or will they put principle ahead of partisanship and refuse to follow him across that line? " - Sen. John Kerry

Looks like John Kerry is once again reminding us why a majority of American's prefer to call him Senator. (HT WSJ)

Hugh Hewitt has the transcript of his bizarre floor speech. The passage above is fascinating. Does he think this is his "At long last have you no decency?" moment?

He also has a fine diatribe about the evil forces secretly maneuvering and pulling the strings of the senators on the Judicial Committee to carry out the wishes of their fringe movement. But enough about NARAL and People for the American Way...

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