Friday, April 01, 2005

Halo Time!

Los Angeles Angels Season Preview. Baseball Season!!!

This weekend is the Freeway Series, the annual ritual n which the Angels prove their dominance over the embarrassing Dodgers of Downtown. Most exciting aspect is seeing the contrast between Angel fans and the atmosphere in OC versus the (yawn) somnambule fireworks of Chavez Revine. I ask you: If you're a kid growing up in So. Cal and you have to pick a team to back, how could you NOT pick the Halos?

So after we cream the Dodgers it will be time to defend our AL West Crown. I, alas, will be missing my first opening day in years as I will be on the first IDEA Cruise where in the company will review our strategic choices from last year (Ten Commandments, The Musical???) and chart our course for the coming fiscal year: New alliances in electronic component industry, New strategies in photo album entrepreneurship, New ventures in health, home and nutrition products.

I will miss the Angels, but I look forward to planning our future so I can finally get that luxury suite!

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