Thursday, April 14, 2005

Draft Laura Ingraham for Senate!

Laura Ingraham, originally uploaded by OC Chronicle.

OC Chronicle has been contemplating Laura Ingraham's pending nuptials. Knowing that there are many conservative broken hearts out there (forget it you never stood a chance), The Chronicle's been trying to figure out a way we can make this a positive for all involved.

It was revealed in the engagement announcement that Ms. Ingraham and her soon-to-be old man live both in DC and New York City. Frequent listeners to her excellent program can attest that she knows the city of New York well and has spent quality time there over the years, not just token residence. In fact, since she was born and raised in Connecticut, one could say she is a real New Yorker since Connecticut is really just a suburb of Manhattan!

I think it's time we begin the Draft Laura for New York Senate in 2006 NOW! Who better than to take on Senator Clinton than a real New Yorker with attitude? Someone who can properly articulate the conservative position? Someone from the fairer sex so that when tough political tactics are employed Ms. Clinton can't cower like a wounded female as she did in the last campaign?

Who among you wouldn't pay through the nose to watch the debate between Hil and Laura??? It would be the best theatre on Broadway!!!


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