Monday, May 16, 2005

Will California legalize murder?

In our never-ending quest to emulate that utopian dream that is Oregon, California is on the verge of passing an assembly bill legalizing physician assisted suicide, or, as it is more comonly called: MURDER!

Disability activists are mobilizing against AB 654 which was sponsored by that pilar of morality and tower of intellect Patty Berg. She's the assembly woman from Humbolt County. That's right Orange County, the right to live or die for our disabled brothers and sisters is being championed by our sister Patty from Humbolt County! Humbolt County, the only place in California that can make Berkely look right-wing!

Ms. Berg's bio contains this very impressive carreer highlight:

Patty has a history as a strong advocate for women's rights and a woman's right to choose. In 1982, she helped found "CHOICES" Humboldt County's first pro-choice Political Action Committee. She also developed California's first K-12 comprehensive family life education curriculum in 1980, which was implemented in 80% of Humboldt County School Districts.

My fellow Catholics know that it is very rare for political issues to be discussed during our Sunday Mass. This past Sunday, AFTER the Eucharist and before the final blessing, a member of our parish anounced that there will be a rally at Peshing Square in Los Angeles against this bill.

Governor Arnold has not come out with a position on this item yet, perhaps he could use some encouragement.

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