Thursday, May 19, 2005

Filibuster Fun

Last night on Fox's Hannity and Colmes, the odd and creepy Dick Morris was giving some sound, political advise to Republican Senators on how best to handle the filibuster which he repeats in this article. All good and sound advise and it made for a good interview.

The best part was Alan Colmes final shot. As he was closing the interview, he reminded morris that "Jesse Helms held up every African-American nominee that came through his district by blue slipping them."

JESSE HELMS!?! This is the best they've got? They're still running against Jesse Helms? Hasn't he been retired for almost a decade? Why not some fleeting reference to Edwin meese? Or maybe James Watt?

This reinforces that there are very few new and fresh arguments or ideas coming from the left side of the political debate. Jesse Helms???!!!

1 comment:

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