Monday, May 23, 2005

Ervin "Magic" Santana?

Ervin Santana Posted by Hello
I just witnessed a pitching performance I will not soon forget.

22-year-old Ervin Santana just made his Angel Stadium debut and threw a complete game, 5-hit shutout against the American League leading Chicago White Sox.

Most memorable image is the joyous smile on his face after at the end of the game. As his teammates came out to congratulate him, he had the most genuine, broad smile. And the reaction of the other Halos was really telling. They seemed so overjoyed with his success. They were hugging him and running over to congratulate him as if he'd just pitched a no-hitter. Lately, it's been rare to see such camaraderie and spirit among professional baseball players, especially in May!

That smile reminded me of another young player named Ervin who took the LA Sports scene by storm as a rookie... Maybe we should start calling this Ervin "Magic"??

I have a feeling about this kid. He was still throwing at 94-MPH in the ninth inning and he had great command. For a 22-year-old that's pretty impressive, especially against a line-up like the White Sox. This bodes well for the depth of the Angels, and considering our recent injuries, we need it.

Tomorrow is going to be a great game too: Bartolo Colon vs. Mark Buehrle. Who would have thought that a quarter of the way through the season, pitching is what's keeping the Angels in first place?

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