Friday, December 09, 2005

A Foot-in-mouth Epidemic.

Captain's Quarters reports on Democratic reaction to the new GOP strategy of condensing ACTUAL QUOTES from the DNC leadership to illustrate their defeatist, blame America first attitude:
"For their part, the Democrats loudly responded that they have been quoted out of context. Drudge now reports that the Republicans intend on fixing that problem with a few web ads, using the actual recorded statements of each to show the nation that the Democrats have given in to defeatism:"

Isn't it uncanny that the same refrain is often heard from the Democratic Leadership? That they are being quoted out-of-context, or that their words are being twisted? The common thought is that Republicans are stupid, inarticulate dolts, and Democrats are educated, worldly, eloquent sophisticates. If this is so, why are they constantly stumbling through interviews and giving such asinine quotes for the GOP to use against them?

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