Thursday, September 08, 2005

Read this before you make another donation to Sierra Club.

John Berlau on Katrina on National Review Online: "The Clinton administration would frequently side with environmentalists on flood-control projects, even against local Democrats. The Army Corps of Engineers under Clinton began implementing a planned %u201Cspring rise%u201D of the Missouri River that would raise water levels on the Missouri River during part of the year. This was supported by eco-groups, who argued that this restored the river%u2019s natural flows and protected a bird called the piping plover. But farm groups and others said that combined with the ice melting from winter, the project could increase the risk of flooding in river communities and affect more than 1 million acres of productive farmland. Nearly all the Republicans and Democrats in Missouri%u2019s congressional delegation opposed the plan, as did Missouri%u2019s late Democratic governor, Mel Carnahan. But the Clinton administration refused to budge, and this was a major factor in Bush%u2019s carrying of Missouri in 2000.

The Bush administration%u2019s flood-control efforts were often relentlessly opposed by environmental groups, and this opposition was frequently echoed by liberal activists and in the press. Bush kept his promise, and his appointees at the Corps of Engineers have stopped the %u201Cspring rise%u201D plan that concerned so many about flooding. Environmentalists launched a barrage of criticism and a series of lawsuits. This was also the case with Bush%u2019s moves to stop the Clinton administration%u2019s plans to breach the dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the northwest. Even though the dams greatly help to control flooding in the region, American Rivers blasted the administration for failing to do enough to save the sockeye salmon native to the region."

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