Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mudville Gazette explains the feud between NO Mayor and Louis. Gov.

Mudville Gazetteh has a flashback to the 2003 Louis. Gov. race that sheds light on current bickering:
"In a bold and potentially risky move, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin crossed party lines Monday to endorse Republican Bobby Jindal, who is locked in a tight governor's race with Lt. Gov. Kathleen Blanco, the Democratic standard bearer in the Nov. 15 runoff.
In recent days, Nagin said he faced considerable pressure from the state Democratic power structure to go with Blanco, citing U.S. Sens. John Breaux and Mary Landrieu in particular.

Without naming names, Nagin said Blanco supporters attached words like 'risk' and 'consequences' and 'repercussions' to the prospect of his backing Jindal.

'They talked about this not being in the best interests of the city of New Orleans and that they would let people know that,' Nagin said.

Using what he described as the 'hip hop vernacular' favored by his teenage sons, Nagin hinted that Blanco's backers issued threats, indicating that 'if we get in we're going to basically ice you out.'"

Earlier this blog stated that "Only the Democratic Leadership could see the burning twin towers and see a fantastic opportunity for a Federal Jobs program.", now, one must observe that this same leadership witnesses the devastation from Katrina and only sees an opportunity for political payback.

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