Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We're baaaaaaack.....

A couple of years ago I moved the political commentary for OC Chronicle to Townhall.com. The idea was that OC Chronicle would be a place for fun and family and light fare, and Townhall.com would be a place for cultural and political commentary.

For various reasons, the Townhall.com environment and interface didn't really work for my purposes.. and, in the meantime, the advent of Facebook has provided the perfect place for the fun, social sharing of information and connecting with my friends on a very surface level.

So, I am resurrecting OC Chronicle for ongoing social and political commentary... Please browse older posts to catch up on who I am and what I think... in the mean time, let the games begin!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Everybody calm down about this German thing.

"MM The Great" explains why this lawsuit is a bunch of hooey.

The German government isn't filing the lawsuit. It's 11 Iraqis and a Saudi who went court-shopping and filed in Germany because the country "provides 'universal jurisdiction' allowing for the prosecution of war crimes and related offenses that take place anywhere in the world." A previous lawsuit was filed on similar grounds and was dismissed. Yes, Germany has its share of weasels. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn't one of them and outrage at the country is premature. Calls to close our bases in Germany over this hyped news story are, with all due respect, silly.

The lawsuit hasn't even been filed yet. The Time blurb is a Friday afternoon freebie press release for the left-wing Center for Constitutional Rights--milking Rumsfeld's resignation for all the publicity they can get.

And as much as I respect Drudge, I take exception to his "Scare"

Come On!
The German Government is not "bringing charges".
The German People are not "bringing charges".
NOBODY is "bringing charges".

It's a bunch of fruitcakes filing a suit, not bringing any kind of criminal charges.

Relax everybody... and you know who you are.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Speaker Pelosi may not be a bad thing for the GOP in the long run.

I know it will be hard to swallow at first, but consider:

- If the GOP had narrowly retained control, they would have had to perform miracles in the next two years to have any chance to regain control in 2008.
- Better to have a turning of the tide in an off-year than having a presidential nominee get swept up in an anti Republican tide.
- By having Speaker Nan in charge for the next two years it will be quite clear what Democrat leadership looks like and no one will want this in the White House... will they?

My mantra for the next 24 months: If you like Speaker Nan, You'll LOVE President Hill!

Oh, Of course!

The very last precinct puts Webb over the top... by 2/100ths.

VA SEN [100% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,140,879 49.42%
D- WEBB 1,143,144 49.44%

No fishy business there...

OK... ready for the re-count boys!


OK... I'll be able to deal with a re-count. As long as I never have to hear "Hanging Chad"!

VA SEN [99.10% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,139,550 49.43%
D- WEBB 1,137,793 49.36%


VA SEN [97.22% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,112,116 49.57%
D- WEBB 1,104,413 49.23%


VA SEN [95.13% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,089,011 49.67%
D- WEBB 1,077,159 49.13%


VA SEN [92.84% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,061,336 49.89%
D- WEBB 1,040,524 48.91%

President Bush's judicial nominations ride on these few decimals!

Could we call this one now please!!!!

VA SEN [90.14% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,025,262 50.05%
D- WEBB 998,701 48.75%

Hugh Hewitt with big news!!!

Hugh Hewitt's sources have told him the GOP will hold on to the house by 3 seats (assuming West coast seats stay put).

This is huge news! But it also sounds a little like he is going out of his way to keep the vote up in California.

Either way I like what I hear!

Run out the clock George!

VA SEN [85.14% IN]
ALLEN 954,916 49.61%
WEBB 946,922 49.19%

Congratulations Sen. Lieberman...

Now be a mensch and switch parties. Want have the Dems done for you??? The GOP has been more loyal to you than they have!

Now I'm going NUTS!

VA SEN [83.91% IN]
ALLEN 941,260 49.60%
WEBB 933,605 49.20%


I've got your "Macaca" right here!

VA SEN [72.00% IN]
ALLEN 799,526 50.40%
WEBB 767,945 48.40%

Michael Steele... sleeper pick of the night.

Use this link to keep an eye on Maryland.
WE LOVE MICHAEL STEELE. If Michael Steele wins, it will actually soften the blow of losing Sen. Santorum quite a bit.

Sen. Allen hanging on....

As of 9 PM EST:

VA SEN [66.27% IN]
ALLEN 739,086 50.35%
WEBB 711,059 48.44%

Hang in there George!!!

The fact that he's over 50% is huge because there is a Green party candidate getting a few votes. He could have won with a 49% plurality but being over 50% with 2/3 of the vote in is EXTREMELY encouraging!

(I sure hope I don't look like a moron tomorrow morning)

Senator Santorum... please don't leave us.

You may have lost this election, but I dare say you are more popular in other parts of the nation then you are in that flaky, ungrateful state you've worked so hard to represent.

Please consider a national run. Our country needs you.

By the way... where in the heck has Arlen Spector been??? Remember how Sen. Santorum loyally stood by Spector when he faced a very tough primary bid two years ago? Don't we think Spector's support of Santorum could have made SOME difference in this campaign? Yet I never heard a peep from the good Senator. Anyone seen Arlen around??

Updates.... Good News is found in the Bad News

According to Hugh Hewitt Ohio has gone to the Dems. This was not unexpected... the good news is it is looking MUCH closer than any of the polls suggested. If this is indicitive of faulty polls across the board, then all of those "too close to call" races (MD, VA, MO, MT) should be safe seats for the GOP.

As for the OC Chronicle staff, we cast our sure-win votes for Rep. Miller (unopposed)and Gov. Arnold (virtually un-opposed). But our real thrill was voting for Tom McClintock for Lt. Gov. and AGAINST Jerry Brown for Att. Gen. How great would it be for the Golden State to start looking a little more red with some diversity in the state-wide seats?

1st good news of the night...

From Drudge: (as of 8:21 EST)


VA SEN [41.14% IN]
ALLEN 453,055 50.60%
WEBB 431,308 48.17%

If this is a "wave" you dudes back east need to come out to Huntington Beach and see some REAL waves!

Wolverines... get to the polls!

PoliPundit has more interesting takes on the polling in Michigan...

Get out there and vote Wolverines!!!